dinsdag 17 juni 2008

The Path of the Weeping Night

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original Dutch text


The Birds

sprank kransch schraap knik baal tok fffruut
wilg pront vraat silk zoal nav tiersch
moor vuurg mal
chlaast moerdik

zula zula
zula töm


gliding high by the blue, into deep
whence sunwhite greys the rocks & in a dazzle
the water brings the mountain that we try to be

clattering down: elevated fixations,
a mist of solidity like a bygone wing
pinned to the whirling dance

which shatters our pins in an instant, rubs
sun into purple wounds, snatches our eyes
to the way we melt in the torrent of words.


buses come & go on the grey square but soon
it will be dark & then I can see I can see you coming your jacket
half undone you’re in a hurry, your body

unencumbered with future
bursting open in the raw present
& joyful sings your soul:

that the buses aren’t coming and going
that the square is not turning grey
that we are always flight

into an ever-deeper darkness
from light to the light
of the other

(transl. Helen White)

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