zaterdag 28 augustus 2010


F R E E A D M I T A N C E !


WHEN : September 3 to 5 2010

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WHERE: Smidsehof, Smidsestraat 31, Kessel-Lo (Louvain) Belgium

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PARTICIPATE: you can decide to join us up until the Carnaval ends!
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WHO: persons and groups poarticipating in this year’s event

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For the third time, without any sponsoring or financial support, participants from all over the world will join us for a celebration of indepent and unbound creativity held in honour and for the promotion of our Great President of Time Velimir Khlebnikov I!
Visitors will gather, have fun while enjoying poetic readings, performances, music, theater, spoken word and all kinds of visual arts in a childfriendly environment.
It’s a golden opportunity to get to know the work of some of the most interesting people around in a relaxed and unforced way and it’s all entirely free. Participants attend or contribute in the spirit of free exchange of cultural goods.

All contributions are diligently archived and will be shown at subsequent edition inasmuch as space and time allows. At the end of this five year project, an on- and offline exhibition will be held showing all contributions 2008-2012.

Rustle , ye Black Sails of Time!

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zaterdag 24 januari 2009


From today friday januari 16, 2009 at 10:13 the KLEBNIKOFFER ,a participatory centre for the recycling of creative garbage is open. In neo-cathedralic terms the KLEBNIKOFFER is a perdotheque, that is something like a library but for garbage.

In short: it's a place where you can dump your done stuff so that it might still be of use to someone else.

The kind of garbage the KLEBNIKOFFER may contain is twofold:

  • remnants, coverage and recollections of participations in the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL
  • creative garbage offered to us by anyone: you offer stuff for us to catalogue and keep or we come banging your door to collect whatever you want to get rid of that suits our purposes

So yes, we are open to contributions, all year round. We can't garantuee you that the stuff you send us unasked will make it to the official garbage collection, but we will look at it unprejudiced and repurpose your stuff to the best of our abilities.

By large these are the things we're looking for

  • publications of visual grafical en concrete poetry (vispo)
  • woodcuts, lithos, drawings, aquarel, paintings and similar stuff ( no larger that european A2 standard size)
  • small objects showing traces of creative acts upon them
  • scores and recordings of sounds and music in all formats
  • musical instruments of your own device
  • theatrical texts and scenario's for screen adaptations
  • comic books, graphic novels, visual narratives
  • loose, unbound texts printed, type-written or hand-written
  • poetry collections, prose works and theoretical writings published by yourself through Print on Demand (POD), in small press houses or in manuscript
  • digital files of scans or source code for the above may be sent to us too but we would prefer you to send them to POETRY KESSEL-LO POEZIE, then everyone can enjoy them there

We're still working on creating a Depot and a decent intake procedure but in the meantime you can send your stuff to:

Elfnovemberlaan 52
3010 Kessel-Lo

The KLEBNIKOFFER perdotheque will be shown to the general public for an entire week during the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL, held in Kessel-Lo in the third week of August each year.

We're also planning on having the garbage stored permanently in a place that may be occasionally open to the public, so that it can decay with sufficient airing.

The KLEBNIKOFFER catalogue will be public online soon, starting with last year's Carnaval remnants.

may your roads to perdition be merry and gay,


woensdag 18 juni 2008



august 17 to august 24 2008

online and @
Provinciaal Domein Kessel-Lo,
Louvain, Belgium


8 days of live lyricism

inspired by the works of Russian Modernist Poet Velemir Khlebnikov (1885-1922) ViLT and Grapes of Art now propose an annual participative festivity absolutely lacking any of the usual organisation. The only thing we know for sure is the date, the location and the name. The rest is mainly up to you.

What do we provide?
  • a terrain suitable for pick-nicking and summerly leasure
  • a small open-air amfitheater to perform (unplugged) for up to 100 people
  • some tents for shelter when it rains
  • a tent with a projection facility to show video an computer animation
  • an indoor gallery nearby to show material output from the source code ( see below)
  • Chlebnikov's Zangezi as source code plus a text written by Dirk Vekemans containing like the original, the source code for some 20 'Planes' that can be executed in every way imaginable. In fact 'The Path of the Weeping Night' is a present day patch or update of Chlebnikov's Zangezi
What do we want you to do?
  • submit anything (graphics, (literary) text, video, installations, choreographies, drawings, (visual) poetry in any language specifying the (textual) code from either a 'Plane' in Zangezi or one in The Path of the Weeping Night as inspiration/starting point/input of your creative proces to be shown at the festival

  • if you possible can get over there and join us in the fun
What do we have to offer you?
  • not much, everything is free, there's no sponsorship or anything, so we're only the gatekeepers during the time-frame. We're hoping that taking part in the carnaval is a good thing for those who do, that you get some stimuli from it and that things may grow accordingly.
Here's some pictures of the location with the open air theater

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

The Path of the Weeping Night

Available translations - ENGLISH

original Dutch text


The Birds

sprank kransch schraap knik baal tok fffruut
wilg pront vraat silk zoal nav tiersch
moor vuurg mal
chlaast moerdik

zula zula
zula töm


gliding high by the blue, into deep
whence sunwhite greys the rocks & in a dazzle
the water brings the mountain that we try to be

clattering down: elevated fixations,
a mist of solidity like a bygone wing
pinned to the whirling dance

which shatters our pins in an instant, rubs
sun into purple wounds, snatches our eyes
to the way we melt in the torrent of words.


buses come & go on the grey square but soon
it will be dark & then I can see I can see you coming your jacket
half undone you’re in a hurry, your body

unencumbered with future
bursting open in the raw present
& joyful sings your soul:

that the buses aren’t coming and going
that the square is not turning grey
that we are always flight

into an ever-deeper darkness
from light to the light
of the other

(transl. Helen White)

zondag 25 november 2007

Path of the Weeping Night

Izeganz - PLANE 3

translated from Dutch,
from 'The Path of the Weeping Night', dv's Illegal patch to V.K.'s Zangezi

of {

flowers: we'd have the petals frayed to smithereens
insects: we'd trash the shields/wings/paws and slimy thingies to a grayish green
toads: we'd better not the children are still awake


Here? Here.

From the Woods? From the Woods

Down the drain? & up the spout.

Is he digressing? Does he look cute?
For how long? Are there any precursors?
Where should i line up?

Rompatompa rompatompa bum
Bum buhm
Rompatompa rompatompa bum
Bum buhm

Look now we can make
grass sing, have birds
glowing in the dark.

Scorching finch.
Scorching finch.
Scorching finch.

4.571 jesusses this month
alonel. Now feat. mud
from Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

Iehre Urlaub im Bergen.

Scorching finch
like lovers do.