zaterdag 24 januari 2009


From today friday januari 16, 2009 at 10:13 the KLEBNIKOFFER ,a participatory centre for the recycling of creative garbage is open. In neo-cathedralic terms the KLEBNIKOFFER is a perdotheque, that is something like a library but for garbage.

In short: it's a place where you can dump your done stuff so that it might still be of use to someone else.

The kind of garbage the KLEBNIKOFFER may contain is twofold:

  • remnants, coverage and recollections of participations in the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL
  • creative garbage offered to us by anyone: you offer stuff for us to catalogue and keep or we come banging your door to collect whatever you want to get rid of that suits our purposes

So yes, we are open to contributions, all year round. We can't garantuee you that the stuff you send us unasked will make it to the official garbage collection, but we will look at it unprejudiced and repurpose your stuff to the best of our abilities.

By large these are the things we're looking for

  • publications of visual grafical en concrete poetry (vispo)
  • woodcuts, lithos, drawings, aquarel, paintings and similar stuff ( no larger that european A2 standard size)
  • small objects showing traces of creative acts upon them
  • scores and recordings of sounds and music in all formats
  • musical instruments of your own device
  • theatrical texts and scenario's for screen adaptations
  • comic books, graphic novels, visual narratives
  • loose, unbound texts printed, type-written or hand-written
  • poetry collections, prose works and theoretical writings published by yourself through Print on Demand (POD), in small press houses or in manuscript
  • digital files of scans or source code for the above may be sent to us too but we would prefer you to send them to POETRY KESSEL-LO POEZIE, then everyone can enjoy them there

We're still working on creating a Depot and a decent intake procedure but in the meantime you can send your stuff to:

Elfnovemberlaan 52
3010 Kessel-Lo

The KLEBNIKOFFER perdotheque will be shown to the general public for an entire week during the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL, held in Kessel-Lo in the third week of August each year.

We're also planning on having the garbage stored permanently in a place that may be occasionally open to the public, so that it can decay with sufficient airing.

The KLEBNIKOFFER catalogue will be public online soon, starting with last year's Carnaval remnants.

may your roads to perdition be merry and gay,