zondag 25 november 2007

Path of the Weeping Night

Izeganz - PLANE 3

translated from Dutch,
from 'The Path of the Weeping Night', dv's Illegal patch to V.K.'s Zangezi

of {

flowers: we'd have the petals frayed to smithereens
insects: we'd trash the shields/wings/paws and slimy thingies to a grayish green
toads: we'd better not the children are still awake


Here? Here.

From the Woods? From the Woods

Down the drain? & up the spout.

Is he digressing? Does he look cute?
For how long? Are there any precursors?
Where should i line up?

Rompatompa rompatompa bum
Bum buhm
Rompatompa rompatompa bum
Bum buhm

Look now we can make
grass sing, have birds
glowing in the dark.

Scorching finch.
Scorching finch.
Scorching finch.

4.571 jesusses this month
alonel. Now feat. mud
from Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

Iehre Urlaub im Bergen.

Scorching finch
like lovers do.